Thyck Clyck Ent. Founders

Thyck Clyck Entertainment is a privately held, integrated, independent record label and A&R Service.  We engage in recording music and investing in private and public entertainment companies as well as music royalties.  Thyck Clyck Ent. engages in signing talented song writers and artists.  Some of our artists are great for alternative music genres enriching today’s music industry with diversity and quality music that will last for generations.  We are working to bring the near future’s big brand, up becoming icons that will be compared to and have the potential to stand next to the likes of Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and Flo-Rida to name a few.

Thyck Clyck Ent. has brilliant talent scouts who hone in and develop the best song writers,  producers, sound engineers, creative executives, sub-level start ups, and most lucrative digital platforms.  Our Independent label is focused on the next generation of music specifically the “Independent Artists”.  Thyck Clyck Ent. encompasses the collective resources to empower independent artists as ‘major’ labels continue to down size, sign less acts, and provide less artist lucrative contracts.  Our teams belief is to continuously research and create to remain on the ‘cutting edge’ of the digital music age and stay fully in tuned to the needs of independent artists.

Our team spends countless hours researching the music industry and more importantly, the people who buy into this industry across generations and demographics.  Thyck Clyck Entertainment has discovered and tapped into a major revenue stream with an insurmountable cap of $13 billion.  Thyck Clyck Entertainment is positioned to capitalize on this thriving market in various ways.

With our strategy of alternative sophisticated investments, we are in process to bring our investor/partners 300% or more in earnings on their venture capital within 12 months.  We also have in place a very conservative venture vehicle earning 9% to 14% annually.  Our record label’s foundation is strongly rooted in the future generations of music.

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