Prior to graduating college with a degree in Computer Network Technology, William ran an integral part of the daily operations of Power House Productions.  A company that brought event entities to St. Louis, MO such as The Sister to Sister Expo, Fat Tuesdays, and First Fridays.  With an Executive of Public Relations title and a solid electronics background, William set up and supported phone systems, networks, computers, printers.  He also prepared and signed documents that brought concerts, comedy shows, new businesses, and events that lasted decades to the state of Missouri.

While being a key part of major entertainment events in the Midwest and Southern regions of the country and attending college, William began working contracts as a Help Desk Technician, Systems, and Network Administrator for corporations such as:  IBM, A.G. Edwards, AT&T, Bank of America, Federal Reserve Bank, Monsanto, and Proctor & Gamble.

Upon graduating, William became an Independent Contractor for some of the same corporations and became A+, CISCO, & Novell certified.  Through a mastered understanding of the origin and growing infrastructure of networks in corporations and the internet, William began using his expertise to partner music with technology.  He created for music artists some of the first ringtone campaigns and networking applications that allowed for texting across multiple social networks from mobile phones, during the time Napster was just becoming popular.

A Senior Technical Consultant for AT&T, William continued using his free time and network knowledge to connect content management systems for distributing music and related content to digital mediums across the globe.  This lead to creating mobile apps for artists that would link to the digital shops and platforms for a central location to interact and make purchases.  In addition, graphic designs were developed to give the apps and ads leading to them, an expensive, professional look and experience.  This technically driven consumer-responsive combination spawned OpiumMusicBrands Inc and is a core component Thyck Clyck Entertainment’s label distribution.

Over the last 15 years, William has been a Subject Matter Expert in many areas including: internet technology, telecommunications, multiple application support, mobile, PC, Mac, Broadband device support, social network integration, digital distribution, graphic marketing, and web design. Despite his tenure William never stops asking the questions that allow for new and more efficient processes to be born:  ‘How can..How to.. How do..What if..Where can..’ “The second you stop learning, is the minute you stop living.”