Tony J Johnson originally from Orange California by way of Chicago, is a highly acclaimed comedian, show producer, host, and radio personality.

Through 14 plus years in radio, Tony J has engineered his way into multi-faceted markets through out the country. As a vital part of Radio One Inc., Tony J hosted and co-host shows on Q95.5, HOT 104.1, Foxy 95.5, and Old School 95.5. Hosting the Traffic and Weather report with Metro Networks and working as a On-Air Radio personality with Clear Channel Broadcasting, made Tony J a house hold name and earned him the name “The Traffic Man”.

Tony J produced a host of highly successful community plays and shows independently, promoted college tours, and created The Traffic! Music Awards that hosted local talent from all over the country. and were also among some the highly recognized ventures created by Tony J that were key in gaining many local and national recording artists a mass of fans.

Focused dedication to communities and positive outreaches in every endeavor that Tony J spear headed earned him the love and respect of people in multiple regions and walks of life. Tony J has been honored with Proclamations from the Mayor and License Collector of St. Louis City, presented the Rising Icon Award from BET & Grey Goose, and commemorated with a RIAA Certified Gold Plaque from National Recording Artist Murphy Lee.

As Artist & Repertoire of Thyck Clyck Entertainment, Tony J contributes a massive veteran knowledge of the music industry, an enriched passion for finding immaculate talent, and is a major key in the development of the adept artists paving the future of ‘New’ music.